A Must Attraction for the Waterparks

Wave Pool became a must attraction for all water parks, even those of small size, because it is a single attraction in the water park that is loved by all age groups of guests.

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High Guests Turnover Capacity Attraction

Wave Pool gives a possibility to host high number of guests at the same time in the park due to its sizes and characteristics.

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Get Your Ocean Waves!

By installing a wave pool in your water park or wave park, you bring ocean waves to the people of your city/town/village no matter how many kilometers away the real ocean is, all you need to do is press the start button!

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Infinity Number of Wave Programs

Atlantis Pool Wave Machines have the possibility to apply an infinity number of wave patterns and programs, by these method you can always surprise your guests!

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A Ready to Use Resort

If the budget of your future park is limited, you can develop a wave park where wave pool becomes your single and main attraction with high guests’ capacity. All you need to add is some restaurants, bars and other entertaining features.